What if you had just one chance to say something extremely important?

The truth we communicate as followers of Jesus Christ is the most crucial message in existence. Our message – and the way we deliver it – should never become mediocre.

If the message is inaccurate, it only misleads. If the message is unclear, it simply confuses. If the message is diluted, it just malnourishes.

But when people are engaged by a message from God, delivered in a clear and compelling manner, their lives are changed forever. The people who depend on you trust you’ll provide this kind of message. David can help.

What kind of help do you need?

Professional Speaker

David is not a “motivational” speaker; he’s not even an “inspirational” speaker. Nope…his goal is to be a “transformational” speaker. People don’t need another self-help tip…or a really touching story. They need an encounter with Jesus that completely transforms them so they can live a new life. Yeah, David knows how to make an audience laugh, but more importantly, he knows how to make them think. If your event needs someone who can help people begin to follow Christ, or strengthen their commitment to Him, invite David.

Parenting Seminars

Parents will not only learn how to avoid the 7 biggest mistakes of parenting in this seminar, but they will also gain an understanding of today’s media and its incredible influence over kids, pick up a PhD in youth culture, and discover practical ways to truly communicate with their kids.

Nope…you don’t have to mail your kids to Botswana after all!

Training Workshops

Does your team need help solidifying a workable plan for outreach and evangelism? Could your student leadership team use a tune up…or a jump start? Do you need some help attracting godly leaders to your ministry? David has training workshops for all these scenarios, and more.